The Evagoras Lanitis Center

The Evagoras Lanitis Centre (located opposite the newly built Limassol Marina) comprises one third of the Carob Mill, which is one of the largest, if not the largest, listed industrial building in Cyprus.This area of the building was originally used for the storage of Carob products that used to be processed through the carob crushers. The milling equipment is situated in the central bay of the building and has been restored as a carob museum. This large expanse of over 1400 sqm unobstructed space was ideal for housing this multi-functional centre. The centre consists of a main entrance hall West of the Medieval Castle, a second entrance from the parking area, storage space and washroom facilities.

How to get there

The Evagoras Lanitis Center can be easily reached by the public bus #30, which drives along the sea front road, passing by most accommodating hotels up to the Limassol Old Harbour, which is located next to the Venue.

Tickets can be purchased by the bus driver. The one way ticket costs €1,50, the daily ticket costs €5,00 and the weekly ticket costs €15,00. For further information on the public bus routes visit their official site please click here

Transfers to and from the Conference Venue will be arranged for all participants  (for the dates 24-27 May 2016) given that they are residing at the hotels listed in the Registration Form.  The time schedule of the shuttle service will be published nearer to the date of the conference.



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